Mobile Work Platforms

We can build a custom mobile work platform to best suit your specific site requirements to ensure operator safety and improved workflow. We make work platforms in all shapes and sizes and will work closely with you to ensure you receive the best possible solution. Our engineers have industry specific knowledge in the areas below; please follow the links for more details on platforms specific to your industry:

Below are some examples of custom mobile work platforms that we have designed and built for our clients:

Airbus A320 Multi Model Platform

The A320 Multi Model Platform is an excellent example of a client being able to reduce capital costs by having No Bolt design and build a mobile work platform that could be deployed in four different applications. The solution was a work platform with off-axis hinged guardrails and a platform with two different working heights to that gave the operators a safe working platform in all four work locations. The guardrails and platform were fitted with foam bumpers to prevent damage to the asset when the platform was relocated. The platform was also fitted with a tow hitch to make it quick and easy to relocate around the airport.

Double Deck Work Platform

This Double Deck Work Platform is a train access platform that was built with a 1000kg Safe Working Load (SWL) to ensure operators could work on both levels concurrently. The stair unit was designed to be detachable and reversible so that it could be attached at either end of the work platform. Our client had a site specific safety requirement for mesh infill on all guardrails which we incorporated into the design for them. Special steel castors were also sourced for this work platform to reduce rolling resistance.

Windscreen Replacement Work Platforms

This large aircraft maintenance platform set consists of two work platforms that nest to minimize the storage space required when not in use. Both work platforms presented the engineering challenge of cantilevered sections and large unsupported spans. Some of the features in these work platforms include removable guardrails with soft corners, custom deck profile to match the airplane curvature and a detachable access unit that worked with both platforms.