Trailer Edge Protection

Many companies recognize the risks associated with accessing/egressing trucks and trailers, however there is another significant risk that is often overlooked. Injuries and deaths due to falls from trucks and trailers occur every year in Australia and these incidents can be easily avoided by using a temporary trailer edge protection system. Some systems such as our truck loading platforms include integrated edge protection, however some sites will find that a trailer edge protection system coupled better suits their workflow and space restrictions.

Trailer Access Guardrail (TAG)

The Trailer Access Guardrail (TAG) is a welded aluminium guardrail system specifically designed to provide fall protection for operators when they are on a truck or trailer. The TAG rolls on lockable castors and is easily secured to the trailer tie-down rail using No Bolt’s Quick Action Lock-In Hooks. Each TAG provides 3400mm of trailer edge protection and can be used in conjunction with a truck loading platform or a standard platform ladder with walkthrough access.

TAG Features

Easy to deploy

The TAG rolls on foot operated 4” swivel/braking castors. The TAG can also be supplied with larger pneumatic “offroad” wheels to suit rough ground. Once the trailer access guardrails are rolled into place they can be quickly locked against the trailer using the No Bolt Quick Action Lock-in Hooks.

Small storage footprint

The Trailer Access Guardrails are designed to minimize storage space requirements by nesting into each other when not in use.

Truck Edge Protection System (TEPS)

The Truck Edge Protection System (TEPS) is a lightweight aluminium guardrail system that is lifted into place and locks in against the tie down and combing rails. The TEPS is best suited to applications where access to the trailer is limited or ground conditions do not permit use of the TAG system (above).

TEPS Features


Each TEPS guardrail is less than 9kg so that it does not introduce a materials handling risk into your operations. Each section is lifted into place and locked in against the tie down and combing rails using our custom designed twist lock device.