CSL with comments

Australia's largest provider of coastal bulk shipping transport of major building and construction materials, CSL Australia, approached No Bolt in search of an access solution to assist them with safely gaining access to cargo onboard their barge vessels.

CSL required a walkway system that spanned 75m down both sides of their vessels to improve the level of safety for employees when inspecting materials.The same walkway system is used to deploy a portable platform to address cargo “hang-ups”. This is a unique problem where fine particles of iron ore would bind and effectively stick to the side of the barge.  These hang-ups were particularly dangerous given the weight of the material and location within the cargo area. Due to the significant size of the task, No Bolt was faced with several challenges in the design and manufacturing process. CSL and No Bolt teams worked together to design, manufacture and install a spotter’s walkway system to the barge.

Some of the specific design challenges included:

No Bolt outfitted two of CSL's vessels with 150m of hand railing per vessel along with 4 hang-up clearing platforms.

No Bolt is uncompromising on safety and quality and worked very closely with CSL in producing the desired outcome.