Tray Access Platform – Integrated Guardrails (TAPIG)

The No Bolt TAPIG is an access/egress style platform that provides both safe access and integrated guardrails while accessing a trailer to tie down or unstrap a load. Fully welded construction and supplied with integrated guardrails positioned immediately on each side of the access point, the TAPIG was the result of client demand for a smaller, portable unit for use where space is a premium.

To gain access, the operator positions the platform perpendicular to the tray or trailer and uses the integrated step ladder to access the platform.  Additional protection can be achieved by purchasing the optional travel restraint kit. 

TAPIG Features


Foot operated 6” swivel/braking castors make the platform simple and quick to use. 

Swing gate

Lightweight aluminium gate supplied with self-closing hinges.  

Integrated guardrails

Provide fall protection to the immediate left and right hand sides of the platform.

Travel restraint kit

Consisting of an expandable lanyard and belt, this kit can be used to restrict the travel of the user within the envelope of the guardrails.

Stability locking device

The TAPIG is secured against the tie down rail using a cleverly designed locking system.  This provides additional stability in the event the operator falls against the guardrails.


Different dimensions

We can customise a TAPIG to suit your specific requirements.