No Bolt Ladder Platform (NBLP)

This is where it all started. The No Bolt Ladder Platform (NBLP) was developed in partnership with one of our clients in response to a demand for a solution that could offer a safe alternative to a conventional ladder. While a seemingly simple product, the NBLP has developed over the years to ensure it not only maintained compliance with the Australian Standards,but also encompassed ongoing client feedback.

NBLP Features

Boom gate

Many imitation products in common with our early versions are fitted with a chain. For improved protection while working on the platform, all NBLPs are now supplied with a boom gate at 1050mm as standard


We used to offer a standard nylon wheel, however a client again provided feedback through one of our consultative sessions where users were complaining of jarring while moving the NBLP. As a result of this feedback, we upgraded to a semi pneumatic (style) rubber tyred wheel that has made the platform easier to relocate over a variety of surfaces.

Custom elbow fitting

Over time we found the welded handrail joint was subject to higher stresses that could result in cracking and a potential handrail failure. This fitting allows us to join the handrails without compromising on strength.

Custom tread section

When you consider how often a client will access and exit the platform, we needed to be confident the treads could withstand the repeated loads and resulting stress. We had a custom extrusion made that has a "strengthening stringer" and this is standard with our range.

Upgraded instructions for use

While the NBLP range is simple to use and deploy, we have upgraded both the quality and clarity of the instructions for both the NBLP and custom range.  Always accessible and easy to read, the instructions can be used to train the operator against.


Mobility pack

Supplied with 4 swivel/braking castors, this option enable the operator to relocate the platform without carrying any load.

Different dimensions

The NBLP range is available in a number of standard sizes range from a 600mm platform height to 2700mm in 300mm increments.  Should you require different dimensions, we can design and supply a platform to your specific requirements.