Tray Access Platform with Integrated Guardrails

The Tray Access Platform with Integrated Guardrails (TAPIG) is a compact truck loading platform that provides both safe access and fall protection when accessing a trailer to tie down or unstrap a load. The TAPIG is the perfect truck loading platform when you require quick access to targeted positions on a trailer or where storage and access space is at a premium. To eliminate the risk of a fall you can use the travel restraint kit to ensure the operator never gets to a position where they can fall from the trailer or you can use the TAPIG in conjunction with truck access guardrails for full truck edge protection. The TAPIG is a fully welded aluminium platform and comes with integrated guardrails that can be folded back to minimize storage requirements.


TAPIG Features


The TAPIG features foot operated 6” swivel/braking castors with hi-res rebound wheels that suit a variety of ground conditions. The TAPIG can also be supplied with semi-pneumatic “offroad” wheels.

Swing gate with lanyard loop

The lightweight aluminium gate comes with self-closing hinges and a lanyard loop to connect the travel restraint kit if required.

Integrated guardrails

The TAPIG is a unique truck loading platform, with integrated guardrails that provide 3.7m of fall protection to the operator, significantly increasing operator safety when compared to a standard platform ladder. When the unit is rolled into place the operator locks the TAPIG against trailer using the Quick Action Lock-in Hooks to ensure the integrated guardrails form an effective edge protection. The integrated guardrails are hinged and can be stowed when not in use to minimize the storage space needed for the TAPIG.

Travel restraint kit

Consisting of an expandable lanyard and belt, this kit can be used to restrict the travel of the user within the envelope of the guardrails so that they can’t get into a position where they can fall from the truck.

Different dimensions and optional extras

We can customise our truck loading platforms to suit your specific requirements and can supply include optional extras such as lifting points, forklift sleeves and rough terrain wheels.