Oil & Gas Solutions

Over the past few years we have worked to develop a number of solutions to improve height safety and access at both the construction and exploration stage.  Our consultants can travel to remote areas both inland and offshore.  In addition to our Height Safety qualifications, we also hold a HUET. Following is a snapshot of some more recent work we have undertaken.  



Standard solutions

Project                                                          Area                           Description                                                 

Tool pusher general access                         Jansz-lo gas field   NBLP for general access

Unloading/Loading platforms                       Longford, VIC           SLAPs for access during the construction phase

Unloading/Loading platforms                       Gladstone, QLD     SLAPs for access during the construction phase

General access platforms                            Dampier, WA                  SLAPs for access during the construction phase




Custom solutions

Project                                                          Area                            Description

Life boat access platforms                                    Jansz-lo gas field   Custom platforms to improve lifeboat access

Thruster access platforms                           Jansz-lo gas field   Guardrailing and access to improve access during maintenance

Pipe lifting crane access platform                 Jansz-lo gas field   Lightweight platform to improve access during jib maintenance

BOP/LMRP access platform                          Jansz-lo gas field   Various solutions to improve access for maintenance

Low level towable access platform                Ballera, QLD          Under gas plant access solution

Utility mounted access platform          Ballera, QLD          Small ute based platform for remote access 

Quarantine inspection platform           Dampier, WA                  Double level inspection platform to provide access for Barrow Island bound products