Recent Projects

Client: CSL Australia
Problem: Provision of safe access along the port and starboard of the Self Unloading Barge (SUB) while supervising the clearance of iron ore "hang ups".
Solution: CSL Australia and No Bolt worked together to develop a walkway and guardrail system that could be retrofitted to both SUBs.  While one side of the guardrail/walkway system could remain fixed, an operational requirement meant the opposite side needed to fold (almost flat) to allow the conveyor access.  This resulted in a solution that delivered over 300m in walkways.   

Client: Gekko Systems
Problem: Provision of safe access along the Python Underground Process plant for maintenance and inspections.  
Solution: Gekko Systems and No Bolt worked together to develop a modular system that could be fitted retrospectively to the Python.  This resulted in a compact, yet effective solution that can be packed with the Python and shipped anywhere in the world.  You can find the No Bolt walkways and guardrail attached to the Python in South Africa.

Client: Australian Helicopters
Problem: Safe access and working platform to enable maintenance of a helicopter
Solution: No Bolt worked with Australian Helicopters and their engineers to understand the maintenance requirements to design, manufacture and supply a number of aircraft workstands that integrate together to reduce the chance of a fall.