Truck Edge Protection System (TEPS)

In 2009, Bovis Lend Lease contacted No Bolt to partner on a project that would address an identified risk when an operator was on a trailer overseeing the unloading of steel reinforcing “reo”. The reo was supplied in a trailer length stillage and the operator was required to access the load to facilitate the crane loads. The potential fall on a full stillage was 1.8m and Bovis Lend Lease was committed to providing guardrailing to reduce the chance of a fall.

The SLAP was originally trialled, however the overhead crane, uneven and varying ground covering meant it could not be used safely for all loading zones. Instead, Bovis Lend Lease were seeking a new system that could be used independently of the ground and attach to the stillage and truck.

No Bolt developed an entirely new system in partnership with the Bovis Lend Lease site management team, the operators and safety representatives . This new design enables the operator to secure the guardrail to the trailer using the innovative “twist lock mechanism”. This was the result of number of design iterations that were tested on site with the user.

The twist lock secures the guardrail in against the coaming rail and tie down rail creating a temporary handrail while the operator is accessing the trailer.

Key product features

  • Twist lock mechanism - designed to twist into a horizontal position to enable locating between the coaming and tie down rails, the mechanism is then rotated into a vertical position and the flip down handle engages to ensure the TEPS is securely locked in. This cleverly designed device has a visual component that ensures it is very easy for the operator to determine if the system has been deployed.
  • Lightweight design - to ensure we didn’t create a materials handling issue, we have strived to keep the weight of the product to a minimum. We’ve kept each frame to a 2000mm maximum width, a 1000mm guardrail height and removed as much weight as possible to deliver a product that weighs less than 9.0kgs.

Trailer Access Guardrail (TAG)

Like both the SLAP and TEPS, the TAG was created in partnership with a client to provide temporary guardrailing to reduce the operator’s chance of a fall from the trailer.  As illustrated by the image, the operator was required to access the trailer to sling or unsling individual loads. The brief required a lightweight, durable, easy to use, easy to store, effective and of course compliant solution.

Following a concept drawing, prototype, collaborative design and trial, the result is the Trailer Access Guardrail (TAG). A temporary guardrail screen that is attached to the side of the trailer to form a 3000mm long guardrail. Multiple units are then used to cover both sides of the trailer providing the operator with a safer working area.

While the concept of attaching a temporary guardrail to the trailer appears simple, ensuring the guardrail could meet the test requirements of AS1576 resulted in the development of the positive locking system. Designed to lock the TAG in place, the operator would slot the mechanism into the tie down rail and lock it into position. We originally intended to use chains, however we could not pass the test as the guardrail wanted to slip under the trailer when a force was applied. The positive locking system addressed this issue and resulted in a pass.

Key product features

  • Flexible locking mechanism – designed to fit between a wide range of coaming and tie down rails, the design can accommodate the movement in a trailer as it is loaded or unloaded.
  • Stacking for storage – the guardrails will nest to limit floor space when not required.
  • Castors – 4” rubber castors that enable the operator to easily relocate the guardrails.

Award winning design

2010 Worksafe Victoria - Finalist Best Solution to an Identified risk