Fixed Platforms and Walkways

We manufacture fixed platforms and walkways for clients in a wide range of sectors including manufacturing, mining and oil and gas. We can build stand-alone fixed platforms and walkways or tie into your existing platforms and walkways when your access requirements change. We understand that in a lot of situations space is restricted and that an innovative engineered solution is required, especially for items such as conveyor crossovers and machinery access platforms.

Below are some examples of custom fixed platforms and walkways that we have designed and built for our clients:

Gecko Walkway

Gekko Systems specialises in the design, development and distribution of innovative mineral processing equipment and systems. In 2009 they approached No Bolt to design and build a lightweight modular walkway system for use as part of their Python mining systems. The walkway needed to be modular and lightweight so that it could be easily transported as part of potential export orders. This was a challenging project for a number of reasons. The walkway needed to be supported from the side rather than below to facilitate easy access underneath. The solution we developed to use cantilever brackets supported from an I-beam provided an elegant solution to the problem. The handrail and stairs were then designed around this solution . As can be seen from the attached image, the end product is an impressive example of what can be achieved when working in partnership with a customer to solve an important access issue.

Pipework and Conveyor Crossovers

After visiting the client’s site we determined that the pipework crossover needed different access directions on the two ends of the crossover to suit the existing walkways. The pipework crossover was designed to be stiff enough without requiring support legs and to still allow access to existing valves and gauges. Special consideration was also given to how the platform would be lifted into place and installed. No Bolt can design and built a pipework or conveyor crossover to best suits your needs.

Machinery Access Platform

This machinery access platform was built with rolled aluminium profiles to match the curvature of the plastic extruder that operators needed to access for repairs and maintenance. The position of the support legs had to be accurately placed to avoid existing pipework and we worked with the operations team to calculate the optimum platform height.