OH&S & WHS Legislative Requirements

OH&S/WHS legislation states that an employer/PCBU must provide a safe working environment for employees/workers.

The employer/PCBU must manage risks to health and safety associated with a fall and in the case of the new WHS legislation, when a person is going from one level to another.

Plant used to control fall risks must be designed and used for the purpose. Records of regular inspections and maintenance must be kept and all inspections and maintenance must be completed by a competent person and in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

Are you compliant with the latest legislative requirements, codes of practice and relevant Australian standards?


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We have systems in place that enable us to quickly and effectively assess your existing working at heights processes, processes where there is a risk of a fall and existing working at height and fall prevention equipment. We can then assist in implementing the necessary controls for safety and compliance.

We have up to date expertise in the field of height safety, legislation, codes of practice and relevant Australian standards.

There are 3 standard package options available (see below) and we can also tailor a package to your specific requirements.



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Guidance for compliance**
As part of the assessment process, we will provide guidance for compliance. We will apply the 'hierarchy of control' and our experience and expertise to determine the best control for your specific risk. If required, No Bolt Operations can assist the client with sourcing/developing and implementing the necessary controls.

*Free initial consultations do not include travel costs if located outside of the state of Victoria, Australia. Travel costs will be agreed on by both parties prior to undertaking the initial consultation.

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