No Bolt Test Site/Data Management Concept 

Product: A320 Multi Role Platform: Radome/Cargo/Pylon

Product owner: Jetstar Engineering

DOM: 05/10/2016

Standards referenced against: AS1657/AS1576/AS1892/AS1664/AS1665

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The unit is designed to be deployed in 3 different locations around the A320 aircraft only. It must not be used for any other purpose. 

Position 1 – Aircraft Nose 

Position 2 – Aircraft Side Door 

Position 3 – Engines (both sides) 

Operators of this equipment should me made fully aware of the instructions delivered with the equipment and trained against those instructions on a regular basis. 

 Operators must observe all relevant safety and operational stickers. 

 Assistance must be provided to any operator with reading or language related limitations. 

 Unit should not be used by an operator who is fatigued, under the influence of alcohol or any substance that may impair their ability to use unit safely. 

 Steps should be taken to ensure that only operators who have been trained in the safe use of this unit are able to use it. 

 All jacks must be lowered so that the casters are slightly raised and the platform cannot move before accessing the platform. 

 The platform is equipped with a sprung gate arrangement. This must always be closed when the platform is in use. 

 The platform must be as close to plant as possible before access and the maximum allowable gap from plant is 100mm. 

 No items or personnel should be on the unit while it is being moved. 

 The platform must be kept clean and free of dirt and grease. 

 Do not climb on the guardrails. 

 Do not hang or rest items on the guardrails. 

 Do not rock or intentionally try to destabilize the platform. 


 If the unit is found to be faulty it should be quarantined in a manner that prevents further use. 

 The platform must not be modified from its original design. 

 The unit must be inspected on a regular basis by qualified personnel to ensure its continued fitness for purpose, completeness and presence of all relevant safety stickers. 

For further information on inspection intervals contact No Bolt consulting on the contact details contained below 


 Environmental conditions should be considered when storing the unit. Conditions such as corrosive atmospheres and marine environments may corrode components or high winds may cause lift or movement of unit. 

 To prevent unauthorized access, ensure unit is stored in a secure location with wheel brakes locked. 

 Once the product is no longer required it must be disposed of in manner consistent with relevant environmental legislation. It must not be sold on.