Aluminium Fabrication

No Bolt is an aluminium fabrication specialist - we have the skills and experience to deliver both client designed products as well as full design and build projects. Below are some examples of custom aluminium fabrication jobs that we have completed for our clients:

Fall arrest gantry system

The client for this system manufactures underground mining equipment such as loaders and dump trucks. As the units pass down the assembly line there are times when the fabricators needs to stand on the equipment and passive fall protection can’t be used. They asked us to create a lightweight mobile fall arrest gantry system that could be easily pushed along the assembly line. The final product met the design brief and was also designed to be dismantled and fit within a shipping container to be sent to their offshore production facility.

Helicopter blade stand

Maintenance of a helicopter sometimes requires the rotor blades to be removed and temporarily stored. Due to the cost and weight of the rotor blades they require a very robust method of storage and transport. The blade stand was designed and built to hold up to 10 rotor blades at one time and features our proprietary yellow soft rubber bumpers to protect the rotor blades from damage during loading and unloading.

Fuel tank lifter

Our client identified a risk in the method they were using to remove and reinstall fuel tanks and came to us looking for a safer solution. We fabricated an aluminium deck that could be used with their existing lifting equipment to safely lower, raise and relocate the fuel tanks. We created a locking device to secure the deck to the lifting device to ensure the tank lifter was stable and safe during relocation.